Teaching Young Learners: the challenge
Easter is a religious celebration for many, but we also know that the date is celebrated as a moment of giving of gifts, largely in the fomr of chocolate eggs. In the northern hemisphere Easter is closely associated with the coming of Spring. This is not the case in the Southern hemisphere and yet as we have borrowed many of the cultural aspects associated with this season, we also have the whole imagry of eggs, of (re)birth and "baby animals", chicks and bunnies. We need to think how we can bring into the classroom the theme of Easter so that it makes sense and is meaningful in some way to children and steers away a bit from the over commercial aspect of giving chocolate eggs. What are your ideas for bringing Easter into the classroom? 

Here are four great ideas of crafts to do in preparation for Easter. My favourite is the thumbprint chicks. What´s yours?

A really simple but clear story for Easter. Quite visual and easy to re-tell. Learners can tell the story in a parents presentation with their own drawings. Watch the video and think of ways of adapting this story to your own classroom.

Easter ideas on the British Council site

All sorts of ideas related to the coming of Spring and Easter in this British Council Teaching English site.

In case you have never heard the song "Hot cross buns"  before, as mentioned in one of the activities, you may like to see this video: